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Food Delivery Service: East Kent

Food is an integral part of our health; day to day and in the long-term. 

Eating now for the future.

Food and wellness have been lifelong passions of mine.



From a young age I would be cooking and baking in my spare time. I love understanding how food reacts in different recipes and the effects on our body. My favourite kind of book is any recipe book, but often adding and changing up suggested ingredients to recreate my own.

As a parent, whilst weaning my eldest, I discovered more and more the bad effects of many foods filling our shelves- highly processed, hidden sugars, high salt content and so many chemicals and ingredients that have dangerous effects on our long-term wellbeing. 

My youngest has milk, egg, certain nut and sesame seed allergies. I have recreated many family favourites dairy free but with the same great taste- often using ingredients with benefits to our body too- win, win. 

Studying for my BSc in Nutritional Therapy I knew I wanted to bring my perinatal services and food together. During pregnancy and even more so in the post-partum period- our bodies need so much care and nourishment.

Eating well has a knock-on effect on your hormones, energy levels, recovery, mental well being and protecting your body in the now and for the future.

It is vital that we look after our bodies.


I have created my food delivery service for the community, for when people need nourishment the most.

Busy periods of our lives, welcoming a new baby, moving house, being ill and recovering- our body needs TLC.

What we eat can make an impact straight away on how we feel- physically and mentally.


All ingredients used are fresh and organic, cooked from scratch and made with love; chosen for flavour but also their wonder effects on the body.

Majority of my recipes are plant based, with options for some organic chicken and sustainably caught fish.

I don’t believe in labels on how we eat, but I do believe we all need an abundance of plant-based foods as the science shows the amazing outcomes plants have on our health.


Ready to eat or instructions to reheat; freezer friendly ready and waiting for when you need them.

I have put together various packages but if you would like something not shown please do get in touch.

Deliveries in the East Kent area (small fees applies) or free collection in Ramsgate.

If you would like to find out more about making your own food, cooking classes, meal planning and support are also all available.

The perfect present and gift vouchers can also be arranged.

Check out each package for more details. 

New packages will be released regularly so keep checking back or check out my Instagram for regular updates.


Let's chat about how I can support you with my food deliveries

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