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Whitstable Classes 

Wednesday Evenings 7-9pm

Swalecliffe Free Church, Herne Bay Road, Whitstable


Birth & Baby Prep Course

Price per mum & birthing partner if choosing to have one. 

For babies due October, November and December.

I am so proud of my birth and baby prep course- relaxed but informative, calming but real discussions.

I am an advocate for parents and so passionate that knowledge is power.

During this course we will delve into all aspects of birth but also looking to the post partum- understanding, anticipating and preparing.

I have created each session to be relaxed but allow you to feel informed as you choose what feels right for you. 

My labour & birth preparation discusses the biology of labour, why and how our bodies do what they do. It's all very clever! 

Discussing each stage of labour in detail so you know what could happen and all your choices available.

Being mentally prepared for the variety of routes your labour journey could go down helps manage expectations, enabling you to make empowered, informed decisions.

During the session we will discuss everything openly regarding:

  • How labour begins & tips for the early stages.

  • Biology of labour & birth- discussing  hormone's roles & the physiological process.

  • Where you can give birth- discussing hospital, mid wife led, water & home births

  • Pain Relief- natural & medical

  • Breathing techniques & positions

  • Inductions- options & choices

  • All stages of labour & choices offered throughout

  • Caesarean Birth - what to expect during & after

  • ​The Golden Hour- what to expect in the first hour after birth

  •  Feeding- breast & bottle

  • Babycare including bath, nappies & dressing.

  • Fourth trimester- from a baby's eyes

  • Baby communication- how to understand what they need.

  • Creating a calmer relationship

  • Understanding development

  • Infant sleep- what to expect & infant sleep biology. 

  • Practical demos including changing, dressing, feeding, slings, swaddles & holds. 

  • Fourth Trimester from a parent's perspective including both physical and mental health. 

  • Regular breaks with refreshments

  • Reunion. A chance to meet once the babies have arrived and stay in touch with other local parents.

  • One to one call or visit from myself  during the fourth trimester to support & signpost.

  • Group whatsapp to stay connected & share your journey.

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