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Looking for information and support to promote a calmer life with children, but not wanting  a one-approach-fits-all, or people who think they know best?


CalmFamily offers balanced information in a completely non-judgemental way. 


Our education programmes offer a unique opportunity for families to understand each other and bring a calmer approach into their lives.

Courses: 6 x 2 hour sessions combining discussions on sleep, eating, behaviour and creating calmer relationships.

Workshops: 3-4 hour workshops held either on a weekend afternoon or split over 2 x 2 hour sessions.

Consultations: Private consultation with a family. 2 hour sessions and tailored to your family needs. 


Supporting a calmer experience as a new parent, offering your baby optimum development opportunities for a calmer life.

Gain a true understanding of your toddler and actually enjoy being a parent whilst supporting their best possible development.

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