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Post Natal Doula

Since I began working with parents during their pregnancy,  I knew I wanted to normalise, advocate and continue my support during the post-partum.

Weloming a new baby is a precious but also often overwhelming time.


There is not enough conversation during pregnancy and once baby is born regarding the matrescence- the emotional, physical and spiritual transition as a parent.

In our Western society we do not support parents after a new baby.

The bounce back culture, quick fix solutions and “busyness” we have all been conditioned to live.


The effects of this brings about mental and physical challenges to parents, unrealistic pressure and isolation.

I believe with wholehearted support during the transition of welcoming a new baby; can totally change the experience for parents.

Allowing parents to be heard, held, nourished and cared for; whilst they learn and grow to care and understand their baby.

I support parents through pregnancy and onward from birth with one-to-one sessions in their home.

Nothing I offer is prescriptive. I believe in individuality and endeavour to respect and promote this throughout my support.

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