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Creative Play Sessions

These sessions are all about children improvising, imagining and creating as you go as the prime objective, all whilst learning, developing and having fun.

Four week blocks will have different play bags and changing resources, with some regular favourites to share but ultimately the theme of play will be whatever the children imagine. 

Starting each week with your own space, exploring your themed bag of fun materials allowing you to make, play, build and create whatever comes to mind.

There is no right or wrong in play and no limits on what can be imagined during the hour-long session.


In the centre of the circle will be more materials and toys for the children to share and discover with new friends or take back to their little zone.

Parents can join in, enjoying a cuppa and cake from the delicious café, make new friends and enjoy watching the children’s creations come to life.

All resources and materials have been carefully considered with eco and sustainability at the forefront and perfect for little hands to play. Mostly wooden or other natural material, always nontoxic toys and  from ethical and sustainable companies.

Themed bags will be age appropriate but with all children playing together and all having access to the middle area.

Babes in arms are welcome free of charge, with older siblings.

Paying children from 6 months onwards. Sibling rate for families with two children.

Archive is, located in the arches of beautiful Ramsgate Harbour.

 Sessions will be held upstairs, with a safe space to leave buggies in the café below.

A super family friendly café with accessible toilets with a change area.

Plus, the cuppas and cakes are perfect for a fikka pick me up.

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